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Pet Wellness Exams at Century Veterinary Group

We know you want the best for your pets. At Century Veterinary Group, our Los Angeles veterinarians will help you keep your pet healthy and happy with the following pet wellness exams.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Exams in Los Angeles

No dog or cat is too young to need veterinary care. In fact, the earlier you start your new pet's wellness regimen, the better their odds will be. Our Los Angeles pet hospital offer comprehensive new patient exams for puppies and kittens, and we encourage you to protect your pet by scheduling their exam as soon as possible.

Your young cat or dog is vulnerable to local parasites and diseases, so they will need a round of core vaccinations and several follow-up rounds of booster vaccinations. We also offer parasite and disease screenings, de-worming treatments, and spay and neuter procedures to minimize health and behavior risks.

Annual Wellness Exams for Adult Pets

Just like humans, dogs and cats face a variety of health risks and conditions that can be treated if they're caught early enough. We recommend annual wellness exams for all our patients, because these comprehensive health screenings give us an opportunity to spot the early warning signs of serious problems.

Every year, bring your pet to Century Veterinary Group for a routine wellness exam. During this exam, your veterinarian will inspect some or all of the following:

  • Thyroid glands and lymph nodes – size irregularities are red flags
  • Gums and teeth – we look for signs of decay or disease
  • Ears – your vet looks for visual and olfactory signs of mites and ear infections
  • Eyes – we examine your pets' eyes and vision, including discharge and light sensitivity
  • Abdomen – your vet will check for pain, pressure, swelling, and thickening  
  • Tail and rear – we make sure your pet has no abnormal growths, glands, mats, or stool activity
  • Coat, skin, and nails — we evaluate your pet's fur, claws, and skin condition

Of course, cats and dogs have slightly different needs, and health risks depend on age too.  

Bi-annual Wellness Exams for Senior Pets

Of course, as your pet's health risks increase, so should the frequency of your wellness visits. We recommend biannual wellness exams for senior dogs and cats, because health changes are often more rapid and side effects more serious. The earlier we detect signs of deterioration, the more effective our treatment and rehabilitation options will be. Older pets need more time to heal from injuries, treatments, and illness, too.

We know you want your pet to live a long, happy life. Our binannual senior pet wellness exams give them a chance to do just that. Each senior physical includes a thorough manual exam, personalized nutritional advice, laboratory analysis of stool and/or blood samples, and any preventative tips, products or services your pet might need to reduce their health risks.

Call Our Los Angeles Veterinarians

At Century Veterinary Group, we are passionate about protecting your pets. Call (310) 734-0176 to schedule a comprehensive pet wellness exam with one of our caring Los Angeles veterinarians at our state of the art pet hospital. We can't wait to meet your family and help you maximize your pet's quality of life for years to come.