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Pet Grooming FAQs

yorkshire_terrier_dog_haircut_grooming_veterinarianHere at Century Veterinary Group, our Los Angeles vets, Dr. Jeff Werber and Dr. Gary Adams, believe that grooming is a vital part of keeping your dog or cat healthy. Our experienced veterinarians have put together these pet grooming FAQs to answer any questions our patients may have about keeping their pets looking and feeling great.

How Often Should My Dog be Groomed?

The ASPCA recommends that dogs be bathed every three months at a minimum. However, there are many reasons why your dog may need to be groomed more often. Dogs that grow a large amount of long hair will need to be trimmed once every six weeks to keep their skin and hair healthy. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors may also require more frequent grooming. If you are unsure about how often to groom your dog, discuss your pet's lifestyle with Dr. Werber or Dr. Adams for more advice.

How Often Should I Groom My Cat?

Many cats take excellent care of their own fur and rarely need to be groomed. Your cat may need a bath if he gets extremely dirty, especially if he gets into something he should not lick off. Since bathing a cat can be challenging, to say the least, you may want to leave it in the hands of our capable grooming staff.

Just as dogs can develop mats, long-haired cats can also get matted fur. We recommend that cats with excessive fur have a grooming session about once a year to remove mats.

Why Should I be Worried About Mats in My Pet's Fur?

Matted fur can be painful and uncomfortable for your pet, since large mats can tug on his skin. Mats can also trap moisture and irritants near your pet’s skin. This can contribute to skin infections and sores. Mats also provide a breeding ground for fleas and make it difficult to detect ticks in your pet's fur.

My Pet Has a Skin Condition -- Can He Still be Groomed?

Yes, pets with skin conditions can still be groomed. Our groomers are trained to recognize and cope with pet skin conditions. Our vets may also recommend some form of treatment for the skin condition. Regular grooming is an excellent way to spot emerging skin conditions so your pet can get the treatment he needs quickly.

Can My Skittish or Anxious Pet be Groomed?

Yes, a fidgety, anxious, or skittish animal can still be groomed. Our groomers have the training and skill to soothe skittish animals. Most pets calm down once their "parents" have left the room and grooming begins. If your pet is uncomfortable around other pets, talk to us about scheduling an early appointment so he can be groomed in privacy. If you are concerned that your dog may bite, please let us know. A muzzle can be used to protect our groomers as well as calm your dog.

If your questions were not addressed above, please feel free to contact our clinic at 310-734-0176. Our animal care team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have!